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--"WHERE Do I go to get my pet fixed?!"---

Are you looking for free 
spay\neuter (that includes a rabies vaccination) for your pet(s)?  Maybe one of our current projects can help!

Click on the link below and see if there is an active project  ​where you are that can help.



--"There are no projects in my area and I need help now!  Where can I go?"--

         --"I really want to get my pet  fixed but I don't meet the qualifications!"--

--"What other options are there?"--

If there are no projects currently in your area or you don't meet the criteria for free services, but you have dogs or cats you want to get spay/neutered, and you need a low cost option, check below for low cost options available.

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website has a useful tool to help you find low cost clinics and programs that may be right for you. 
Click on the link below:   
  • Scroll down the page to the Map, 
  • Enter your zip code,
  • Click on GO,
  •  ​Zoom in, and
  • Click on the dots for Clinic or Spay & Neuter Program information.

Spay and Neuter Grants Program

Welcome to Maryland's Spay and Neuter Grants Program  
This program is designed to reduce the number of unwanted cats and dogs euthanized in shelters across the state. We hope to reduce these numbers by providing competitive grants to local governments and non-profit animal welfare organizations who will then to provide free spay and neuter services to pet dogs and cats of low income Marylanders and to colonies of feral cats.  
38,613 Spay/Neuter Procedures Completed
By Our Projects To Date
   36 Grants Awarded for FY19!

 Our 2018 cycle for FY19 grants​ resulted 40 applications.  Competition for funding was stiff this year due to the high quality of these submissions.  Our Advisory Board worked very hard, carefully reviewing each application, in order to present the Secretary with reccomendations that would make the most of the program budget to help cats, dogs, owners and shelters across Maryland.  
With the recommendations of the Advisory Board, Secretary Bartenfelder approved 36 grants: 22 pet-focused projects and 14 feral cat-focused projects.  Work from the 36 grants will occur in 21 counties, plus Baltimore City.  This is the most grants awarded in one cycle thus far.  A list of the awardees can be found under the "Other Reports" section to your left.  

These grants will provide for  an additional 16,000+ free spays and neuters for pets and unowned cats throughout the state.

In an ideal world we would be able to fund all the good proposals that come our way.  Unfortunately our funds are finite and the need is not.  This means some good ideas must wait for another time.  We would like to thank all of the applicants for their thoughtful submissions, and look forward to seeing more great applications in 2019.   

Jane Mallory, Program Coordinator​​​​
  18-312 Humane Society of Somerset County PET CAT PROJECT 2.jpg
18-312 Humane Society of Somerset County PET CAT PROJECT image 1.jpg
17-201 Humane Society of Somerset County PET PROJECT 3.jpg
Source: Humane Society of Somerset Co Pet Cat Project
(Project 17-201, 18-312)

Contact Information

Jane Mallory
Program Coordinator​
Phone: 410-841-5766

Office Address:
50 Harry S. Truman Parkway
Annapolis, MD 21401


Next Advisory Board Meeting:


Application Materials:

The following were the materials used for the 2018 application cycle, which closed on March 30, 2018. 

These materials remain here for public to learn about the program application process.  It should be understood that these items will be updated for the next cycle in January 2019 and should not be used in any future application cycle.



Some Helpful Documents for Submitters:

Forms and Materials for Project Managers:

Quarterly Report Submittal Schedule for Grant Recipients:

Use this WORD form for Quarterly Reports:Quarterly Progress Report Form 2018.docx
Please include a list of all animals altered during the quarter.

Quarterly reports are due the first week following each MARCH 31, JUNE 30, SEPTEMBER 30, and DECEMBER 31.