News & Updates for Maryland Veterinarians

New Licensing System Coming this Year!

(March 22, 2018) - The State Board is making significant upgrades to its online services to make the licensing and renewal process much faster and more user friendly. The system will be up and running in time for this year's licensing renewals. We will provide more information as the services come online, but here are just some highlights: 
  • You will be able to log in and create your own account to update your information and renew your license. (No more control numbers or sending in paper forms.)  
  • Current veterinarians and RVTs will upload proof of all required continuing education courses. (No more mail-in audits). Starting next year, you will be able to log into your account and track your CEs as you go. 
  • New applicants will be able to apply for a license and pay online in real time. (No more pre-paying for an application by mail.) 
  • Animal Control facilities will also be upgraded from a paper-based renewal system to the online system. 

We are on a very aggressive schedule and will keep you updated as we go. Stay tuned!

USDA Courses for CE Hours

(December 7, 2017) - As of January 1, 2018, any veterinarian who takes a USDA accreditation module can use that course to satisfy annual CE requirements. Veterinarians must complete 18 hours a year.  

Animal Cruelty Resources and Training

(November 16, 2017) - As of October 1, 2017, veterinarians who have reason to believe that an animal they are treating has been subjected to cruelty or animal fighting are required to report it to the appropriate law enforcement agenciesWe have added a page to our website with information about this requirement and where veterinarians can report suspected cases of abuse. We will be adding information to this page as it becomes available. 

Read House Bill 1463 - Veterinary Practitioners - Animal Cruelty and Animal Fighting – Reporting.  

Sept. 29, 2017 -

Mandatory Animal Cruelty Reporting Begins Oct. 1​

(Sept. 29, 2017) A bill that passed during the 2017 legislative session requiring veterinarians to report suspected cases of animal cruelty and animal fighting takes effect Sunday, October 1.

House Bill 1463 - Veterinary Practitioners - Animal Cruelty and Animal Fighting – Reporting requires veterinarians who have reason to believe than an animal has been subjected to cruelty or animal fighting to report it to the appropriate law enforcement agencies (i.e., usually the county animal control agency). The bill outlines the protocols for reporting, which include requiring the veterinarian to note the condition of the animal upon presentation in the animal's treatment record; the basis for suspecting cruelty in the animal's treatment record; and promptly reporting the suspected instance. The bill also provides immunity from civil liability to veterinarians who report in good faith or who participate in an investigation of suspected animal cruelty or animal fighting. Veterinarians who do not report are subject to disciplinary action. The Board is currently developing regulations for the bill.

Veterinarians Must Register for PDMP
All veterinarians who are legally authorized to prescribe controlled dangerous substances (CDS) are required to register with the PDMP. Dispensing of CDS in the veterinary clinic setting is exempted from reporting to the PDMP. Separate from a veterinarian's potential role as a dispenser of CDS, if a veterinarian can legally prescribe CDS for an animal in Maryland, they are required by law to be registered with the PDMP. If you are not in possession of the qualifications to legally prescribe CDS in Maryland, you are not subject to the registration mandate. Read more.​

May 22, 2017 -

Board Inspections of CDS Logs are Disturbing​

(May 22, 2017) - State Board Inspectors have begun reviewing logs of controlled dangerous substances (CDS) at veterinary hospitals with more depth during routine inspections. The poor quality of the logs they have seen so far is disturbing. We strongly encourage you to take an immediate look at how you are recording your CDS usage and disposal, and ensure that you are doing it in accordance with the State of Maryland Regulations We have a page on our website with information about these inspections, with samples of how CDS logs should be kept. The Board can sanction veterinarians for poor record keeping and initiate an investigation if abuse or misuse seems possible.

State Regulations Require Notifications

(May 22, 2017) State of Maryland Regulations require veterinary hospitals to notify the Board, in writing, whenever there is a change in ownership – even if there is just a change of one partner. Veterinarians are also required to notify the Board of any changes of employment, business contact information or personal contact information within 30 days of any changes. Hospitals are also required to notify us when a veterinarian joins or leaves the practice or when the responsible veterinarian changes. When you next see our Inspectors, they’ll be asking you for the names of all of the owners and the responsible vet. Please have that information handy. Read the regulations. 

Do You have a Substance Abuse Problem?

(May 22, 2017)  - The Maryland HealthCare Professionals Program (MHPP) provides a confidential, private setting to address issues that may impact your ability to practice veterinary medicine. The MHPP assists with problems such as alcohol and other substance use issues, psychiatric illness, cognitive impairment, behavioral issues, as well as any concerns related to personal or professionals stress. Veterinarians who enter the program on their own, without a Board order, are treated in a private program that is HIPAA-compliant and protects the confidentiality of those it serves as set forth under state and federal law. The Board collaborates with MHPP when it orders a veterinarian in to treatment as part of a disciplinary action, however, the self-referral program is not affiliated with the Board in any way. The MHPP is operated through the Center for a Healthy Maryland, the charitable 501(C)(3) affiliate of MedChi, The Maryland State Medical Society. If you are a veterinarian with a problem – get help. Visit the MHPP website or call 410.962.5580.

Veterinarians, Register for PDMP by July 1

(May 21, 2017) Starting July 1, 2017, veterinarians (and other prescribers) applying for a new or renewed individual CDS prescribing permit must be registered with the Prescription Drug Monitoring program. While the goal is to ensure all practitioners who are authorized to prescribe CDS in Maryland are registered, the program’s most immediate priority is to ensure that individuals with Maryland CDS prescribing permits issued by the Office of Controlled Substances Administration (OCSA) are registered. Veterinarians are currently exempt from reporting to the PDMP, but you must register. For info & to register. Please direct questions about PDMP registration to program managers at DHMH



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